Sparking a Brighter
Future in Education

BeFoundation invests in efforts that foster
individual student success while strengthening
the social, economic, and cultural fabric
of communities.

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Our Mission


BeFoundation’s mission is to support sustained and dramatic improvement in the educational outcomes of disadvantaged students and the vitality of their communities.


Our Approach


Helping Catalyze Sustainable Improvement for Individuals and Communities

BeFoundation invests in efforts that foster individual student success and support the cultural and economic fabric of communities. To accomplish this, we leverage our resources with those from like-minded foundations, businesses, and nonprofits to support coherent, transformative change – especially in education, information, and the arts.


The technologies, tools, and contexts for learning are radically different today than just 20 years ago, yet public education delivery remains largely as it was 100 years ago. Our high expectations for student success in college and career require next-generation approaches

that personalize learning, enhance the careers of educators, and build on the connections between school and community. BeFoundation welcomes inquiries from organizations seeking to build the supply of high-quality, next-generation public schools devoted to serving disadvantaged communities.


The ability of students, parents and educators to engage constructively in our education system depends on high-quality information about student progress and the effectiveness of our public schools. We believe information about student and school performance and the return on investment of publicly funded efforts to improve education should be transparent, engaging, and readily available to everyone. BeFoundation welcomes relationships with organizations dedicated to improving the quality and availability of information available to the public.


The arts are a gateway to self-discovery, self-expression, and academic achievement. The arts are also an essential part of a community’s cultural fabric. We believe all young people should have the opportunity for engagement in music, visual, and performing arts. BeFoundation welcomes relationships with organizations dedicated to establishing strong ties to public schools and community-based organizations through the arts.


Contributing to one’s community starts with an informed and healthful mindset. Too often, poor diet and harmful living conditions disrupt individual growth and create untenable environments for learning. BeFoundation welcomes relationships with organizations and businesses dedicated to nutrition, physical wellness and environmental quality.


Lasting Change Requires

Creating a Sustainable System Where Students Catch Up & Succeed

Moving from a system where students that start behind stay behind to a system where they catch up and succeed.


Who We Are

Every Child Should Have the Opportunity to Be Exceptional

BeFoundation is a private, independent family foundation established by Gregory S. Young. Our vision is that all students graduate ready for college, career and life success and become meaningful contributors to their communities.

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Fostering Student Success

Richard J. Wenning,

Executive Director

Richard leads the foundation’s efforts to help transform the lives and communities of educationally disadvantaged children through sustained improvement in education, information, and the arts. Richard is a national expert on the design and implementation of education accountability and performance management systems and has worked at the federal, state, and local levels and with foundations and education service providers.

Gregory S. Young,


Greg established BeFoundation in 2012. He believes philanthropy should catalyze innovation and leverage public and private resources to bring about sustainable change and improvement. As founder, Greg actively engages in the organization’s overall direction while developing private business partnerships that promote BeFoundation’s philanthropic goals.

Our Partners

Investing in Our Community

Thinking about being a part of the cause? Contact us

Ola! Foods, LLC is a natural food company based in Norwalk CT. Our granola is handbaked with 100% natural ingredients and is a tasty favorite of families providing a healthy source of energy and fiber. We share BeFoundation’s commitment in creating opportunities for kids and families to make “healthy” decisions that can help make their lives dramatically better.

With these beliefs in mind, Ola! Foods is pleased
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